Even trees need some love

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Hello semua.. found this picture from http://pride4us.com/hisham/blog/khas-buat-perempuan-yang-suka-mengait.html . Here is the story ..

Tree Cozy
Tree, Yarn
600″h x 300″w x 300″d(varies)
2005 Sculpture in the Heights Public Art Competition, Heights Arts, Cleveland Heights, OH (juried) Winner - 2005
Tree Cozy is a tree – a natural object representing masculinity and strength –covered with a crocheted cozy – an emphatically handmade blanket representing femininity and comfort. On the most obvious level, it is a piece of clothing, personifying the tree and keeping it cozy and colorful throughout the year, enhancing the beauty of nature. On another, the brightly colored crocheted cozy wraps the tree in personal and cultural nostalgia evoking memories of bygone times and places when life was good. On yet another level, the cozy softens the strong tree form while also emphasizing it. It simultaneously caresses and encases the tree. The cozy covering the tree fluctuates between comforting blanket and suffocating cover-up; it conceals as much as it protects; it hides as much as it reveals. Tree Cozy was on display from 2005 through 2008 in Cleveland Heights, OH in front of Cleveland Heights City Hall.
The Wendover works were completed during a Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) art residency in Wendover, Utah during the summer of 2007. The pieces utilized 300 crocheted “cells” ranging in size from 12” to 36” in diameter. Building upon ideas in earlier work – masculinity vs. femininity, man’s intrusion upon nature, comfort vs. confinement – this series explores the repercussions of injecting (wo)man-made objects into the Utah environment. When the cells intrude upon the existing environments, they form vibrant viruses. Oozing out of mountains and over buildings and bunkers, blossoming in the stark white Salt Flats, the viruses are beautiful – colorful, intriguing, mysterious – as well as dangerous – intruding upon the natural landscape, covering and smothering native plants and habitats, injecting synthetic material into natural environments. They shift between organic and artificial, decorative and deadly.

Agak-agak ada tak sesiapa nak buat macam ni? he he he......

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